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Last Updated 2/16/2015

Menke Farm and Ranch Inc. 

Horse Quality Square Bales.

We sell our square bales in increments of 21.  So plan your order accordingly.  21,42,63,84,105,126,147,168,189,210 and so on.

Barn Stored Round Bales

Our round bales can be purchased one at a time.  They are net wrapped and safe inside.  There is absolutely no waste on these rolls.

Loading is quick and painless. These are several popular ways our customers have loaded.

  • 42 bales in the back of a pickup truck. - Requires 2 straps.           
  • Up to 189 bales on a 16' lowboy trailer - Requires 2 straps.
  • Up to 232 bales on a 20' lowboy trailer - Requires 2-4 straps.
  • 294 bales on a 32' goose neck trailer - Requires 4 straps.

About our grass

The quality of all grass hay has much more to do with management than with variety.

Timeliness of harvest, proper drying, soil fertility levels and weed control are the most important factors affecting hay quality.  Our goal is to produce hay that contains a moderate crude protein level and a low acid detergent fiber level.  This will result in a highly palatable, highly digestible product that will help maintain your horses body condition and reduce the incidence of digestive problems.

Jiggs is a hybrid variety of Bermuda grass, just as Coastal and Tifton 85 are both hybrid varieties of Bermuda grass.  Jiggs traces its origin to a rancher in east Texas named J.C. Riggs and was further developed at Texas A & M University.  It has become extremely popular since 2000 along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.  Jiggs can be a more nutritious, leafier grass for horses and can be easier to grow than Coastal or Tifton 85. Our Jiggs grass hay can develop more crude protein and more digestible nutrients than Coastal or Tifton 85 because of our superior field management. 

  • Hay with Crude Protein and Digestible Nutrients for your horses needs.
  • Hay that is more palatable for your horse means no waste as your horse will not leave anything behind after feeding.